Why Combat Athletes Need Strength & Conditioning

In this inaugural episode we introduce the Building a Fighter Podcast, Introduce ourselves and establish a need for Strength and Conditioning in the MMA world.

0:42  Alex Friedman, CSCS. Introduction and brief educational and professional history… (UFC Performance Institute) 

2:29  Dr. Austin Schoen DC, Introduction into owning Warrior Sports Wellness, his approach to Performance Care, and coaching wrestling at Seige MMA, and FightReady MMA… Doing things Differently. 

5:16  Introduction of the Importance of Strength and Conditioning for MMA athletes. 

6:20  Overview of Strength and Conditioning principles in MMA. Injury Resilience, and Building Damage Resistance. Increasing foundational performances

8:00  Specific example of how Strength and Conditioning can be applied to strengthening an athlete’s hips.

9:50  Addressing the Strength/Speed Continuum, establish Strength as the foundation for power, neuromuscular, and athletic improvement.

13:30  Nerves, and Austin wants to kiss Alex.

15:15  Peek into S&C for Out of Camp (general) athletic qualities and the foundation. 

18:10  In Camp (less general) Incorporate more conditioning and specific adaptations. ‘Early Camp’ Daily Undulating Peaking each athletic quality. ‘Late Camp’ Peaking. 

22:32 Conditioning, what is it? How do we account for that half of Strength & Conditioning. Qualities: Aerobic(Long Slow Distance: LSD), Lactic (glycolytic), Anaerobic (Creatine-Phosphagen) 

27:40 Relationship between Strength foundations and the expression of conditioning. The complete picture. Muscular Efficiency.

29:30 Injury resilience, assessment, and how to see movement. Balances from side to side… Important. 

32:00 Communication amongst the coaching team or interdisciplinary team. The importance of clear communication and cooperation to create the best training picture for the athlete. 

34:56 Anecdote from an NSCA Conference at the UFCPI, Share your information to create a better training picture. Your ego is not worth suboptimal training for the athlete. 

36: 35 Conclusion and Recap. Strength and Conditioning can be a bridge to other performance care modalities. Next Episode: Why Combat Athletes Need Performance Healthcare.

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