Why Combat Athletes NEED Performance Healthcare.

Tune in to listen to Dr. Austin and Alex discuss what performance care is, why you don’t need to be injured to seek healthcare, and a few tips to help you get started with Performance Care. 

0:48 Introduction into this podcast’s topic ‘Performance Care.”

1:16 Dr. Austin likes to talk.

2:52 Why should you or your athlete go see someone like Dr. Austin or another healthcare practitioner? 

4:00 Preventative care. Why? 

5:04 Toughness & Optimal Training. The trade off, consistenttraining at 80% or smart training at 100%.  Where does “pain” fit into training?

8:41 A bit of an insight into Fight Ready, Henry Cejudo, preparation, and recovery. 

10:00 Barriers to performance care, or going to see PTs, Chiros, and ATs. 

12:20 Sacrifice & Discipline.  When, Where, and Why? The mindset and culture of combat sports. 

15:13 “Healthier athletes perform better.”

15:50 How can I begin this process, without seeking out doctors and their price tags?  Starting on your own. 

19:00 A bit on dependence. 

19:50 A typical performance care session. (with Dr. Austin)

23:35 Strength and the process of reaching potentials. 

25:00 The Nervous System. What should we know about it? Motor Control. Neural Tension

29:12 Know the sport. Know your athlete.

31:35 Closing thoughts. Do performance care. UFC 249

Dr. Austin  IG: warriorsportswellness  gmail: austin@warriorsportswellness.com

Alex  IG: Strong_a.f  gmail: afriedman.strong@gmail.com

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