Weight Cutting: Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of our 2 part (maybe more) series revolving around cutting weight in the combat sports world. Within this episode we dive into common cutting weight thoughts and research about cutting weight. WE conclude by asking the question Is cutting weight really a good thing for combat sports? Or how can we do it better?

0:15 Right into it, weight cutting and its intimate relationship with weight class sports. 

1:15 Lets talk about college, Austin cutting weight. Suffering and what is probably typical of collegiate weight cutting. 

3:40 Is cutting weight beneficial to performance? Injuries, mental health, and overall performance decrements. Where is the advantage? 

4:43 Pride that is involved making weight and the unique value attached to cutting weight in wrestling. Overtraining and under fueling. 

5:32 Competitive advantage? Magnitude and Prevalence matter. Where is the logic behind the weight cut? 

8:35 Create a change within the sport and topic of cutting weight. Disconnect between academic literature and cutting weight practice. Coaching approaches and access to physicians, dieticians. Credibility of that physician. 

12:30 Cutting weight more in relation to MMA and day before weigh ins. More time between weigh-ins and competitions mean more drastic weight cuts. Rule change and regulation behind cutting weight. Is that the way forward? (See part 2 next week)

17:50 The magnitude of weight lost in percentage of BW, and water cutting. Gradual weight loss in-camp, enter into fight week within striking distance. Continually have weight management as a piece of your training and find a good resource. 

21:30 A bit of weight cutting in relation to eating disorders. Common behaviors between the two. Seek out good help and create a good resource tree. Is having a physician/dietician guide a weight cut enough? Things still go wrong, with those resources too. 

25:00 Certifications in weight cutting? Maybe explore something different not more detail down the wrong rabbit hole. 

26:42 Next week, cutting weight in a more general practice, what are the implications and the history of it.

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