Top 10 Tips For Improving Combat Sports Training (Part 2)

This week we finish out list of the top 10 easily implemented training changes that will up your game. We talk about our 4 top tips in depth and provide some tools for smarter better training not just harder and tougher. 

0:50 Introduction to today’s topic. 

1:20 #4  Warm-Up. Do it. Please, its not just a convenience thing. Automatize it, make it a routine to prime your session, not just jumping in. Dr. Austin’s recipe à  Upper body movement, Lower Body, Trunk, body awareness, and nervous system prep. 

3:10 Alex’s Recipe à Blood flow, Mobilize, Strength/technical practice, Plyo/nervous system prep.  Figure it out. Why call it “movement prep.” 

5:00 #3  Breathing & Bracing. Austin gets hard. The double peak brace within striking.   Bracing = total trunk expansion and activation of the core muscles. Breathing is the first step to good bracing. You can’t achieve maximal strength while not utilizing your breath.

8:40 More on breathing. Breathing is also a bridge to recovery/recoverability. Alex short blog on breathing:

10:26 #2 Structured Training Schedules. Plan out and create a logical training approach to optimize your schedule. Is this the best way to reach your goal? Training smarter > Training harder. Recovery windows and balancing recovery. 

14:23 Implement measurement in some capacity, HR strap, HRV, RPE, how you feel and so on. Trust it. Some points about training culture. 

17:30 #1 Strength. Strength is the foundation. Strength as in the ability to produce force plugs up many holes in your performance ship. Strong people get hurt less, and recover from injury faster. 

20:00 “Getting stronger builds damage resistance.” from training and competition. Each subsequent submaximal effort requires less effort when you are stronger. 

21:40 “In order to be powerful you need to be strong.” Strength is a consistent effort will heavier external resistance than can be offered with exclusively technical practice. 

23:15 “We need a significant amount of external resistance to truly get stronger.” 

25:05 Within return to injury strength fills the gap. Rehab gets you to 40% and technical practice starts at about 90%, Strength and Conditioning can fill the 40-90 gap. 

26:25 Dr. Austin IG: warriorsportswellness email:  Alex: IG: strong_a.femail.

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