Out Of Camp Phase 1



“A pyramid is only as tall as its base is wide.”  


Strengths and Conditioning, Welcome to setting the foundation. In this program, you will perform through fundamental movement patterns, build work capacity, and increase your movement vocabulary. This phase consists of two general strength days and one aerobic conditioning day.


The general strength days begin with a dynamic warm up, increasing mobility, blood flow, and priming your body for the workout to come. Then we launch into low impact strength exercises that will accumulate to the total body stress. There are a decent bit of volume these days, so a workout may take 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. 


The middle day is a conditioning day. This day is designed to keep you going, at a higher pace for longer. The aerobic system is always working in the background to help you recover and maintain output. The circuits on these days push your output and challenge your willingness to keep going. 


Overall this program(Strengths and conditioning) aims to enhance functional capacity (how many reps you can do well) and aerobic threshold conditioning (the pace that you can maintain while doing those reps). 


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