Jiu Jitsu Wellness Program



Get on the mats more, feel better, and spend less time being sore/hurt. We have all of your recreational rolling needs met in this program. Specified to strengthen the low back, neck, and shoulders, and open up some mobility, this program offers a great compliment to your BJJ practice. Jiu Jitsu Mobility offering a workout two times per week this program aims to serve as strength training and conditioning enhancement all at once. 


These are workouts that will challenge you in your movement and strength gains. This program (Jiu Jitsu Mobility) will take between 45 minutes and 1 hour to complete per workout. The plan uses minimal equipment and is made to be flexible in your space. Purchase now, or message us to up your game and make your body bulletproof now. 


* This price is for 1 month of programming. We do however have multiple progressions and regressions available for participants who would like to continue on a program*


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