Building A Fighter

$45.00 / 3 weeks


Our Flagship Membership!


Building A Fighter is carefully crafted programming that consistently progresses every 3 weeks. A combination of Strength, Conditioning, and Mobility that is geared towards ANYONE that participates in combat sports. This program is a 3-day-a-week commitment that starts at the building blocks of health and performance. Our goal here is not just to help you perform better, but to feel better along the way.

The BAF program will start with 2 days of main strength movements and a mobility/conditioning day to split your week. As it progresses and your body adapts, the program will continually evolve. Doing this allows us to keep leveling up along the way!

After purchasing the program, you will be sent a login to our programming app that will update every 3 weeks with new workouts. This program can be done at any commercial gym and most home gyms as well! If for whatever reason there is an equipment issue, feel free to message us through the programming app, or on Instagram. From there we can make modifications as needed and keep you moving forward on your path to being the best version of your combat sports self!

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