Building Strength

$30.00 / 21 days


Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general.” – Mark Rippetoe

Whether you just started jiu-jitsu, have been training muay thai for years, or are a professional fighter, strength matters. At the most basic level, strength allows you to open doors to performance potential you never knew you had. It is our greatest injury prevention tool as well as a performance aid. Unfortunately, for the most part, strength is an untapped performance enhancer for most combat sports participants. It’s like the vegetables of combat sports training. Everyone knows you need to do it, but only a few do it consistently. Be one of the few, that’s how you separate yourself from the pack.

This Building Strength Membership will consist of a 3-day-a-week program that focuses on strength and stability. Highlighting major movement patterns, this membership will help you reel in the gains in a way that will benefit you both on and off the mat. On top of that, every 3 weeks this program will progress to ensure that you are constantly leveling up.

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