Building Mobility

$30.00 / 3 weeks


Do you consistently have achy joints? Are you constantly sore from jiu-jitsu, wrestling, MMA, or kickboxing? Look no further than the Building Mobility Membership. This 3-week program is designed to WD-40 those joints and get you firing on all cylinders.

Building Mobility is a 4-day-a-week program that takes between 20-30 minutes per session. Each day will have a 10-minute joint-specific mobility flow mixed in with another 10-minute total body mobility flow. These flows are specifically designed to help with mobility challenges that typically ail combat sports enthusiasts and hammer home the concept that motion truly is lotion on the joints.

Every 3 weeks there will be a new program awaiting you in your app to help take your mobility to the next level and get those joints moving and grooving.



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