1 Month Custom Team Programming Recurring

$350.00 / month


Building a Fighter also offers a special option (Strength and Conditioning) for wrestling, BJJ, MMA, and other combat sports teams. Training as a team has so many benefits: camaraderie, motivation, diversity, and a goal larger than one’s self. We recognize this advantage and want to be a contributor to the health, wellness, and performance of your team.

Built around a specific approach to the sport, the team needs analysis, and best fit, this program can set your team apart by 1. Creating healthy training habits, 2. Reducing the risk of injury, and 3. Overall better physical preparation. Combining chiropractic performance care with strength and performance training we have found a sweet spot that both promotes staying healthy as well as enhances performance. This program will be yours and yours alone as each team’s needs are different and we can identify the best approach.

When you are ready to take the next step in making your team elite contact us, and we will provide the platform and training plan(Strength and Conditioning). We hope to see you forge ahead with your team soon, join us in setting a new standard in the combat sports world.

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