Over-Training and Planning Your Weekly Schedule

Within this episode Alex and Austin define and discuss the instances of overtraining. We dig into what overtraining is, what it looks like, how to avoid it, and when training beyond your capacities is necessary.

0:20 Jumping right into the topic. Overtraining and what we are covering in this episode.

1:15 Dr. Austin’s approach to weekly scheduling and how to understand and address scheduling  training. Understanding windows of recoverability and optimizing the intense training sessions. 

5:45 Defining and Identifying overtraining vs. an acute drop in performance. Overtraining is a longitudinal and systemic negative effect on an athlete’s performance and health due to training.  An acute drop in current performance is at times necessary to increase future performance. 

9:20 Stress is stress, need to watch the boiling point between over-reaching and overtraining. Address your schedule with your coaching and training staff. Be straight-forward and understand what is the best for yourself as an athlete. 

10:45 Self-awareness and autonomy. Communication and taking control of your own training. 

12:55 Implementing a strong training schedule that avoids strength training. Planning programming and adapting off of what you see in your program. 

16:10 “Out of camp you want to be a better athlete, in camp you want to be a better fighter.”  Work to integrate the intensity and volume from out of camp to into camp. Understand what your personal strengths and needs are. 

20:02 “Train Smarter, not Harder.” Summary.

Austin IG: warriorsportswellness email: austin@warriorsportswellness.com

Alex IG: strong_a.f  email: afriedman.strong@gmail.com

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