MMA Needs Analysis


MMA is different than most sports. The amount of variables are endless and knowing which ones to focus on are crucial. When looking at the various needs of an MMA athlete, it is important to break down all of the different aspects of MIXED Martial Arts.

We have grappling that is extremely lactate heavy with exchanges that last 30 seconds to minutes at a time. There is also a huge emphasis on positioning and isometric strength through the sport practice.

Then we have striking exchanges that are extremely fast paced and explosive. Not to mention the demands on the lower body for power generation and upper body for power transference.

On top of all of this, we have the aerobic demands of MMA as a whole that need to be a main concern when training these athletes!

Below is going to be an image that BAF created that depicts a break down of the Bioenergetics, Biomechanics, and Biodynamics that we feel MMA can be broken down to. Take it, Use it, Share it and together let’s boost the quality of training of Combat Athletes!

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