In Camp Training vs. Out of Camp Training

How different should in camp vs. out of camp training look? In camp training revolves around technical and tactical skill and “becoming a better fighter.” Out of camp training takes more of an emphasis on athletic qualities and “becoming a better athlete.”  Training emphasis, psychological atmosphere, and recovery statuses demand different training styles and moderation in these two different training scenarios. However you slice it, training and how training is managed during different times within a year, and a career makes a difference in the longevity and efficacy of a fighting career. Plan accordingly. 

We dive deep into all of these topics within this episode. Plus, Alex’s top 3 training priorities for out of camp and in camp/ Austin’s contextual approach to care in camp. Thanks for listening, give us a review, give us a rating, and let us know if you have any questions and feel free to reach out with any concerns before you go. 

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