How to Choose the Best Strength Coach and Healthcare Proffesional for YOU

Austin and Alex cover a variety of topics within this week’s episode. From coaching education to vetting your strength coach and healthcare professional we help identify a few key indicators of the right coach for you.

1:15 Introduction into topic, Coaching/coach education. For the athlete we give perspective of coaching as a profession, and how to find the right person to help you. 

2:25 Coaching is everywhere. Austin, a chiropractor, is coaching all day long! Coaching is the interaction and facilitation of the athlete’s success. Be Yoda not Luke. 

4:00 Coaches and their egos. Creating dependence is the enemy. Alex’s background in coaching sociology, coach-athlete relationships and the Master’s of Arts in Sport Coaching at The University of Denver.

5:35 Coaching certification and education. Which ones mean something? Formal education and what coaching education does the practitioner have beyond experience in the sport or physical science education?

7:25 “Add credibility to your practice not your name.”

8:15 Your *insert certification here* worth. It is the bare minimum. 

9:08 What should an athlete look for in a coach? Can you see a good relationship happening, are they a quality communicator and giving bonafide drills for enhancing performance? 

12:10 The importance of social science (sociology, psychology)  as a coach. The benefit of multiple perspectives and the ability to coach from a theoretical framework.  

14:55 What certifications should a coach have? What is a certification? Just because they are expensive or popular doesn’t mean that they are valuable. National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) bit of a background to why ever strength coach needs a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Is that good enough?

18:22 Other valuable certs for S&C, USA WeightlifftingUSA Track and Field, Altis. Think through it and can you use it? 

20:25 “Certifications are like adding tools to your toolbox, they shouldn’t be the whole damn toolbox.” Useful certs, DNS,FRC. (PRI?) Great rant by Austin on the value of vetting practitioner’s practice. 

24:25 The end goal should be the athlete’s ultimate health and performance. 

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