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Building Fighter

Our Company’s Philosophy revolves around…. Blah Blah Blah. Building a fighter is not about creating overdrawn philosophical statements. Or boasting about our solutions to your problem. We don’t have the one fix that will turn you into a super beast fighter extraordinaire. What we do have is a willingness to work with you to facilitate a better training lifespan. We are here to support and enhance your training, help you to fight more than a couple times, and possibly feel like a healthy human in the process. That’s it.

We offer resources that are informed by scientific studies but are progressive and personally assigned with you as an individual in mind. We have worked our hardest to critically analyze the sport of mixed martial arts. We have analyzed hours of footage focusing on biomechanics, conditioning, strength, power, health, tactics, and style. We then analyzed the training format of MMA and a typical camp and what this consists of. Being former wrestlers, we are well acquainted with the grind, weight cut, and sacrifice that combat sport demands. We took any and all information in from the current landscape of MMA training, whether it is from top physicians servicing fighters, the UFC, strength and conditioning coaches, or sports scientists, and formulated our vision of training for a sport where getting kicked in the head is typical.

What we envision training should look like is different for every individual. You are the master of your own camp and we are here to offer solutions as you see fit. We are here to support you in your camp and help you to better your preparation, not to dictate it. Our perfect preparation is very different from what you envision yours to be, therefore we don’t try to pressure our outlook on you we simply offer professional consultation and a solution for better strength and conditioning, wellness, and overall prep.

What you can expect from us is an approach that is integrated with your specific training, and situation. We then offer multiple resources including strength and conditioning programming, consultation, healthcare, and professional referrals. This could be movement related, health, strength and conditioning needs, or overall scheduling advice. We are here to make sure that you are training smarter and more effectively, while not killing you in the process, imagine that.

Old school wrestling or MMA training(Building Fighter) deems that the toughest survive and those that survive are the champions. This is primitive thinking, just look at any other sport. The movement to take care of athletes, to prolong and enhance their career is the priority. Hard work is a must, but continually berating your body and mind is just masochism. We can help you do it better, be more prepared on fight week, healthier in and out of “training camp,” and chronically feeling healthy. It’s a shame that this isn’t the norm.

We are performance specialists that are dedicated to you, and your journey. We embody the mantra “Train Smarter, not Harder.”  So who are we?

We are two best friends that identified a weakness in preparation in a sport that we loved. Austin is a Doctor of Chiropractic who has analyzed MMA from every angle to provide the best service to his fighters who compete in various organizations including the UFC, PFL, Bellator, and LFA. Alex is a Strength and Conditioning coach who has experienced coaching at the highest of levels. He offers a movement and performance based perspective to MMA and combat sports athletes which are founded on his experience at the UFC Performance Institute.

We are athletes, coaches, providers, and most importantly committed. We are committed to elevating the physical preparation of every MMA athlete and practitioner. We are Building a Fighter and we want to spread better knowledge throughout our sport. Check out our podcast, website, and Instagram page for all of the content that we have already put out. Reach out to us for any reason, to talk training, or so seek service. We are here to help this sport #ForgeAhead.

You can also listen to us talk about our mission and vision on this BaF Podcast. Visit our About Us page to read out Bio as well.

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