Generalists vs. Specialists

0:25 Generalization v. Specialization, general to specific: within sport, within coaching, within a MMA. Exploring and theorizing. 

1:35 The bigger picture and socialization aspect of athletics. Austin as a specialist, and Alex as a generalist. Range – David Epstien, the Tiger Woods approach v. Roger Federer approach.

6:00 Health care and specialization. Exposure to different motor patterns, “Increasing your Movement Vocabulary” through Strength and Conditioning too. 

8:33 Risk Aversion learned as a general skill. Autonomous action as a general skill, not a rigid refined and practicedmotor skill. “Muscle Memory” and its limitations. 

11:40 Limiting athletes vs. giving them the freedom to make decisions. 10,000 hours of play wrestling > 10,000 hours of drilling doubles. Strength and Conditioning as specialized generalists. 

14:10 Downfalls of specialization. Specialization vs Generalist. Ask open ended questions. Yes/No questions kill. Ben Askren, developing style decision making and less control!

17:35 If you are a drill sergeant as a coach, you are doing it wrong. “By, With and Through” The forgetting hypothesis and the value of variation. Autopilot gets the job done, but may not be the right approach for actual learning. Concepts.  “Figure it out.”  and “Land on top.” Coach Corey Christiansen 

22:50 MMA, is it a general sport vs. a specialized sport? Understand concepts and basics then combine and play. Be a cook before you are a chef. Specialize late. Front squat before you clean.

29:00 Individualizing practice, addressing varying training levels as a coach within your team sessions.  Adapt to your athletes. The value of being different. Style. 

32:20 Is “drive the hole” even a basketball saying? Building a Fighter as a 2 man basketball traveling show. 

34:40 “Spend more time breaking the rules, and less time learning the rules.” 

35:00 A place for specialization. Specializing on you. Specialize at your own style. 

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