Conditioning for Combat Sports

Conditioning, its important. We know that, but what is the best way to train it? Can we get in fight conditioning in 8 weeks. Perhaps if we apply energy system development within a planned out structure we could do it better? Listen to find out. 

1:05 Introduction to Energy System Physiology. Aerobic – long duration, low output. Lactic – 30-90 seconds grinding, and Creatine/Phosphagen – high output short duration. 

2:45 Assessing, measuring, and figuring out how to check athletes on these abilities. Useful assessment if you do not have access to research grade testing materials. 

5:10 Implement a system, with a plan. Not just sprints after practice. Please. Reliability, repeatability are greater than guessing.

8:10 How to train or think about integrating conditioning into your training.  Give yourself a background of physiology and the physical demands of the sport as well as the technical or tactical aspects of the sport. 

12:30 How would you plan out training and execute the system of conditioning. Out of Camp – Aerobic emphasis.  Establish a base level of Lactic tolerance – Progressing from Aerobic emphasis. Creatine/Phosphagen training – closest to camp. 

16:40 The integration of the systems. Once you train it, you don’t always have it. Maintaining and balancing training the three energy systems. All on top of balancing this with all other training systems. Factoring in individual abilities, weight classes style of fighting. 

18:55 Implementing these tips and training tools tomorrow. Contexts. Adapt. Stress is Stress. 

23:10 Reach out to us. Dr. Austin IG: warriorsportswellness email:   Alex: IG strong_a.f  email:

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