Coaching development

0:20 No compliment this time… Looking at coaching development and coaching strategies with practical implications. 

1:20 Jumping straight into communication and considering all of the facets of communication. Communication works for salesmen as well as effective leaders. First reference of the Ego, there will be a lot more. 

5:00 Where is the marriage between science and research into this endeavor of coaching. How theory can integrate into our practice, and why every program is a mix of social and scientific interactions.

8:00 Intersection of cultural practice, and scientific research. Research example and reinforcement of cultural practice. Social action and scientific research do not exist exclusively. 

11:05 Having a hand and influence on the social health of your team. “Art of Coaching” What does that mean? What is art? Is coaching an Artform? is it practice? Regardless if it is art or practice it needs to be evolving. The invaluable social understanding needed for coaching. Progressing as a coach

16:50 Progressing as a coach. It is an open ended process. Give the athletes the benefit to be creative and accept them for where they are. Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning. How does higher level learning work, through creativity. Don’t get in the way. 

20:50 Open ended coaching. Problem Solving. How can I as a coach guide the problem solving process doing as little as possible. How is this real? 

23:05 Giving feedback as a coach. Positive feedback and individualizing cues. How your background shapes reaction to feedback. It has to come from a loving place. That must be established. Passion vs. Anger. Awareness

30:45 Humility in coaching. Awareness and acceptance. Check your ego at the door. 

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