Building A Fighter

0:30 Starting right off, This episode will be all about us. What Building a Fighter is, how it came to be and our mission and vision for the company. Hope you enjoy!

Building a Fighter Mission Statement: Forging a new foundation of care for combat sports athletes. 

1:45 Austin Schoen’s Resume – Background, lifelong wrestler, history of injuries, Doctorate of Chiropractic, and Masters of Sports Medicine. Wrestling coach at FightReady MMA, and Head wrestling coach at Siege MMA, Owner, founder and health care practitioner at Warrior Sports Wellness. 

3:45 Austin, what was the motivation to pursue health care? 

6:30 “You don’t have to be an ex-combat athlete to perform healthcare for combat sports athletes.” 

8:45 Alex Friedman’s Resume – Lifelong wrestler, shifted training paradigm in college, quit cutting weight, Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science, Internship at University of Denver, (soon to be) Masters of the Arts of Sports Coaching, Internship at CU Boulder Football Team, Air Force Academy, Intern at the UFC Performance Institute, Asst. Strength Coach/ Director of Performance at Outlaw Strength Fitness & Rehab

13:55 Why educate yourself on sociology and psychology as a coach? 

16:30 Each person should be treated as their own entity in MMA. 

19:40 Pillars of Building a Fighter. Delivering on all fronts of care for combat sports athletes. Pillar 1: Sports Coaching, Pillar 2: Health Care, Pillar 3: Strength and Conditioning, Pillar 4: Nutrition. 

31:15 Building a common language and create an interdisciplinary sports performance team. Building a Fighter’s ultimate goal is to further this team and change the care dynamic in elite combat sports teams. 

35:00 Building a Fighter can provide that framework, and bring the conversation to the forefront. 

37:09 Where we are at and what we can offer now. Strength and Conditioning programs as general, individualizable templates for sale. Courses based around low back, neck and other specific grappling care. 

Alex: IG @strong_a.f  email:

Austin: IG  @warriorsportswellness  email:

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